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6 years after Keir & Chloe Johnson’s disappearance, the pair is still missing

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Penny Kmitt
April 30, 2023

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Sunday, April 30 marks six years since Keir Johnson and her infant daughter Chloe went missing.

“I can’t imagine what this family has endured for six years of not knowing. And we’re talking about two people that are missing, not just one,” said Derrica Wilson, the co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation.

On April 30, 2017, police say Keir and Chloe Johnson were supposed to meet friends at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, but never showed up.

Over a week later on May 11, 2017, police finally issued an amber alert.

Wilson says that delay could be the reason the pair is still missing today.

“As soon as the Amber Alert was released, the mother’s car was found a couple of days later,” she explained. “And I think if we have a sense of urgency with all the cases, and in particular, this case… things would have moved a lot quicker. I think that the result could possibly be different.”

Wilson is urging Newport News police, who have now taken over the case, to release an updated rendering of Chloe Johnson’s appearance.

“Her features have changed…it’s been six years. So she’s six years older,” said Wilson. “I think it’s behind time to have an age progression photo of Chloe because she could be out there and someone holds the key.”

Wilson also believes additional resources could help find clues as to what happened to the Johnsons.

“We probably need to get another fresh set of eyes on this case,” said Wilson. “We have seen cases that have gone many years that have now been solved, because of a new detective being assigned to the case, or additional resources being added from law enforcement.”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with News 3’s Jessica Larche on the five-year anniversary of the pair’s disappearance, Keir’s twin sister, Teir Pettway, says she had come to a heartbreaking conclusion.

“I think somebody she trusted did something to her, that’s what I think,” said Pettway. “I just hope that a person couldn’t kill a baby.”

The Black and Missing Foundation says they have seen cases where the mother has been found deceased but the child is still out there.

“We have seen miracles happen, there is a possibility that they are still out there. There is a possibility that her child is with someone,” explained Wilson.

Wilson is urging the community to keep searching.

“We want our community to look into the eyes of everybody that they come in contact with,” the co-founder explained. “There may be that eye contact that sends a message to that individual that may be looking on to say something isn’t right.”

Wilson also emphasized the importance of keeping Keir and Chloe Johnson’s names alive.

“Imagine if this was your child. Imagine if this was your mother. Imagine if this was your sister,” she said. “You would want someone to look for your loved ones. And we cannot give up on this family. They need us. They need all of us.”

The Newport News Police Department says the investigation into Keir and Chloe’s disappearance remains active and ongoing.

The Newport News Police Foundation is offering $25,000 in reward money for information leading to the recovery of Keir and Chloe Johnson. If you have information, you can call the Keir and Chloe Johnson tip line at (757) 354-7556 or email

You can also email tips to the Black and Missing Foundation at

Photo credit: WTKR

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