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Black and Missing on The View: Mishell Green Found!

Melanie Yvette
March 2, 2012

Underscoring the importance of bringing our missing to national light, 16-year-old Mishell Green, who went missing over five months ago, was found just hours after her profile was featured on ABC’s morning talk show, “The View.”

Derrica Wilson, co-founder and President of Black and Missing Foundation (BAM FI), alongside of Green’s parents, interviewed with hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselback on February 24, as they profiled The Green’s missing daughter. Extraordinarily, just hours after their interview went live, Mishell Green, was found by police and reunited with her family.

The Green family did an exclusive follow up appearance on “The View” February 27th, in which they discussed the recovery of Mishell.

In a statement released by the Green family, they thanked the show for providing a platform that gave Mishell’s story the media attention needed for her recovery.

Derrica Wilson added, “This reunion proves how vital national media coverage is in finding missing persons.” The Black and Missing Foundation is working non stop to get even more for the thousands of missing Black men, women and children every year.

National coverage of missing black persons is a rarity, but this special story goes to show that we can bring more of our missing home when we push the media to cover our cases.

Photo credit: EBONY

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