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California’s New “Ebony Alert” Is Revolutionizing How We Search for Missing Black Youth

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J. Lysikatos
November 3, 2023

Introducing the Ebony Alert System

Similar to the well-known Amber or Silver alerts, this statewide alert system aims explicitly to locate and bring attention to missing Black children and young Black women aged between 12 and 25.

In the United States, tens of thousands of Black youth and women go missing each year, but their cases rarely garner national attention or the resources necessary to find them.

A Solution to a Growing Problem

The Ebony Alert system, set to go into effect on January 1, 2024, will utilize a range of platforms, including electronic highway signs, television, radio, and social media, to disseminate information about missing Black individuals.

The goal is to ensure that vital resources and attention are dedicated to locating missing Black children and women, bridging the gap in resources and coverage that often exists between cases involving white individuals and those of color.

The Driving Force

State Senator Steven Bradford, the driving force behind this initiative, expressed his gratitude for Newsom’s support.

In a statement, he highlighted the crucial disparity in resources allocated for searching for missing white individuals versus those of color in California. “The Ebony Alert will ensure that vital resources and attention are given so we can bring home missing Black children and women in the same way we search for any missing child and missing person,” Bradford emphasized.

Black Youth in Missing Persons Cases

The urgency of this issue becomes evident when considering the statistics. Each year, the U.S. reports over 600,000 missing people.

In 2022, the nation reported a staggering 546,000 missing individuals, with 36% of these cases involving Black youth and women.

Even though Black people constitute 13% of the U.S. population, nearly 40% of missing person cases involve people of color, as reported by the Black and Missing Foundation.

A Race Against Time

Natalie Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation, stressed the critical need for continued awareness and policy advocacy.

In a statement to NPR, she underlined the importance of swift action in missing persons cases. Time is often of the essence, making immediate attention and resources crucial.

Every Missing Person Matters

Wilson expressed hope that the Ebony Alert system will work closely with the media and law enforcement agencies to support families desperately searching for their missing loved ones.

She stated, “We must ensure that every missing person is given the same amount of attention and resources, regardless of their race or socioeconomic status.”

Safeguarding Society Irrespective of Background

The Ebony Alert system represents a significant stride toward addressing the alleged disparity in attention and resources allocated to missing Black children and young women, ensuring that they receive swift response and support.

It not only acknowledges the urgency of the issue but also signifies a commitment to safeguarding every member of society, irrespective of their background.

The success of the Ebony Alert system may serve as a model for other search efforts across the nation.

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