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HBO docuseries to premiere featuring Upstate woman

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Kylie Jones
November 23, 2021

GREENVILLE, S.C. — An HBO docuseries is telling the story of an Upstate woman who was murdered almost 20 years ago.

Black and Missing premieres Tuesday night on HBO and HBO Max. The two-part series highlights the cases of missing people of color around the nation.

The docuseries is centered around the Black and Missing Foundation, Inc., which was co-founded by Spartanburg native Derrica Wilson.

“One of the cases that’s highlighted is a case that happened in Spartanburg, South Carolina,” Wilson said. “My hometown. Tamika Huston. Tamika went missing in 2004, and Tamika’s case is the inspiration behind the Black & Missing Foundation.”

Huston was reported missing in 2004. Her remains were later found and her ex-boyfriend confessed to her murder, but her family expressed frustration over the lack of national attention her case received.

“The community gets a bird’s eye view of what these families go through,” Wilson said.

Wilson says the foundation was inspired by Huston.

“From tragedy can come great hope for others,” Huston’s aunt Rebkah Howard said.

Howard has been a long-time advocate for her niece’s case and is featured in Black and Missing.

“A lot of focus, particularly in my interview is with the lack of media attention I was able to get for Tamika’s case,” Howard said. “I would just like to say that certainly was not the case locally.”

The docuseries highlights the work the Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. does with families of missing people of color. Wilson points to a discrepancy in the level of attention certain cases get.

“This really connects you with the family,” Wilson said. “It really gives you that insight. That struggle that families are dealing with, but more importantly, how do we come together?”

In the series, Wilson details the collaboration with law enforcement, journalists and the community in seeking justice for these missing people.

Howard says there is still a lot of work to be done, but is hopeful this series helps change the outlook on missing persons cases.

“I’d really like for people to be able to watch this documentary with an open heart, open mind and think about the way it is we view who’s important,” Howard said. “Who is important. Who deserves to be covered.”

Wilson says they were approached by Soledad O’Brien about the docuseries and worked in collaboration with her to produce it.

She says part one of Black and Missing premieres on HBO and HBO Max Tuesday at 8 p.m. Part two premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Photo credit: HBO

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