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The Black and Missing Foundation to Host Panel Discussion on the Issue of Missing Persons of Color on May 7

What: On Thursday, May 7, the Black and Missing Foundation (BAMFI) will hold a panel discussion on the issue of missing persons of color in America. The discussion will also include a short film by Oscar® and Emmy® award-winning producer Arnold Shapiro.

When: Thursday, May 7, 2015 – Panel Discussion: 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Where: THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20020

Who: Special Guest/Panelists:

Micheline Bowman
With over 24 years of experience in television, Micheline Bowman is the News Coordinator for WTTG, Fox 5 News in Washington, DC. She describes herself to be a natural-born dot connector who loves to bring people together to make a difference.

Allison Seymour
Allison Seymour started her career in television working behind the scenes at ABC News. She later became the first woman to serve as main anchor at WBNG-TV (Albany, NY) and was inducted into the Scripps Howard School of Journalism Hall of Fame from Hampton University. She is currently a main anchor for WTTG, Fox 5 Morning News in Washington, DC.

Arnold Shapiro
Arnold Shapiro is an Oscar® and Emmy® award-winning producer and writer. He is best known for his work on “SCARED STRAIGHT!,” “Scared Silent: Exposing & Ending Child Abuse” – hosted by Oprah Winfrey, “Rescue 911” (CBS) and “Big Brother” (CBS).

Marlene McCurtis
Marlene McCurtis has produced several documentaries including the award-winning film “Hidden Victims: Children of Domestic Violence,” “Adoption Stories” (Discovery Channel), “Dog Whisperer” (National Geographic Channel), and the A&E series “Beyond Scared Straight.”

Derrica Wilson
Co-founder & President of BAMFI, Derrica Wilson spent more than 10 years in law enforcement before co-founding BAMFI. The organization brings awareness to missing minority cases that might otherwise go overlooked.

Natalie Wilson
Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer of BAMFI, Natalie Wilson is a public relations expert and directs media relations, public affairs and community outreach activities for BAMFI.

Thelma Butler
Thelma’s daughter, Pamela, has been missing since February 14, 2009. She was last seen at her home in Washington, DC.

Brandi Martin
Brandi’s mother, Felicia Cochran, has been missing from Pell City, Alabama, since June 11, 1992.

Media will have access to the award presentations of ALL panelists and special guests. All media who plan to attend can contact BAMFI to RSVP.

About Black and Missing Foundation Inc.:

Black and Missing Foundation, Inc (BAMFI) is established as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, by a veteran law enforcement official and public relations specialist, whose mission is to bring awareness to missing persons of color; provide vital resources and tools to missing person’s families and friends; and to provide educational training on personal safety. BAMFI offers a free clearinghouse, which highlights profiles and information on missing persons of color, nationally. Profiles of missing individuals, throughout the nation, as well as news, information, and tips, can be found at BAMFI’s Web site:, IG: @blackandmissingfdn, Twitter: @BAM_FI or on Facebook:

Photo credit: Black and Missing Foundation

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